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Zera Yisrael (Hebrew: זרע ישראל‬, pronounced [zeˈra jisraˈʔel], meaning "Seed [of] Israel") is a legal category in halakha, Jewish religious law, that denotes the blood descendants of Jews who, for one reason or another, are not legally Jewish according to religious criteria.

A non-profit organization, founded by Arie Toledano, inspired and mentored by Rav Haim Amsellem for several years. Zera Israel’s vision is to reach out to the millions of “People from the Seed of Israel” around the world, bring them closer to Judaism and the State of Israel, in a welcoming and approachable manner, while preserving the Halacha rules. Zera Israel strives to introduce a flexible approach and to reach out and help those in need, and through that, contribute to the future of the Jewish People, spread unity and brotherhood among our nation.

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What is an ambassador?
Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who connect us with global organisations and/or go find other to help around the globe.

Donating Money


If you are affected by the causes that Arie Toledano defends, do not hesitate to give us your support. Make your donation to Arie Toledano today. It is a simple gesture, but it will have a great impact. Contact us today to learn more or click below to make a donation.

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