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Congratulations to the Carneiro Family and to the Brazilian Jewish community 'Seeds of Israel'

by its newest member. (Text by Raniery Cavalcanti)

Who are those who insist against time?

Soon time, that everything perishes ...

Who are these who dare against him, and rise from their mists after the 500 years of conversion and inquisition?

Who are these JEWS of so many faces and colors?

So many classes and pockets?

Who are these JEWS who defy the genetic standardization of the people, giving all the faces the same face and the same nose?

Who are those who dare to challenge standards?

Who are these who against the imposition of a costume, costumes and clothes ever and types of Jewish traditions?

Who are those who want to do the best for you?

These are just Jews, St. Zara and St. Paul, St. Paul and St. Francis.

And today one more BORN BETWEEN JEWS entered the Abrahamic Covenant, today was Brit Milah (circumference) of little Abner Samuel, the son of Israel Shepherd.

Today, a child is born with its preserved IDENTITY. Your Jewish identity!

Gratitude to Gd, and also to the work of the Rabbi

The Caraban by Rabanit Jacqueline Ventura.

The care of D. Genie and Ialy Cavalcanti.

And all Kavod be given to Dr. Luciano Canuto de Oliveira, our great Mohel.

We are here because we support and unite the giants of our People as the Rav. Amsalem

Thank you. I thank you for being my people.

For teaching me a Judaism with no faces, no pockets, no complicated names ... A little love for others and Light.

Am Israel Chai. The people of Israel live!

Raniery Cavalcanti

Recife PE

29/01/2019 - 23 of Shvat 5779

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