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Marranos in Brazil

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

One of four residents of South America are descendants of Marranos from Spain and Portugal, according to a new genetic study by Prof. Einat Lubinsky.

The anthropologist Dr. Malka Shabtai describes the attitude of the Jewish establishment in Brazil: "The mainstream community knows that they are descendants of the Marranos and their roots in Judaism, but they still do not accept the descendants of the Marranos as a part of the Jewish Federations of Brazil." "The late Chachami Sudri, a Moroccan Jew from Amazonas, accompanied them, guided them, and taught them during 40 years while all the rest rejected them."

The State of Israel and the people of Israel fell asleep on guard duty. Thousands, millions of maranaos descendants have been lost throughout history because the Jewish people did not take responsibility for this matter. We must apologize for this terrible abandonment for so many years, and immediately reach out and bring them back to us. The future of the State of Israel and the Jewish people depends on them.

From "Seeing the World" (כאן)

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